Uncompromising safety standards

The safety and quality of our products is always our top priority at MPS Egg Farms. We’re certified by numerous third-party organizations for quality assurance, food safety, and animal welfare standards, and are trusted leaders and innovators within notable industry organizations.

Modern, FOOD-SAFE facilities

We continue to invest in top-of-the-line, modern equipment to ensure that we provide the safest, highest quality products to our customers. In addition to performing routine quality checks inside our processing plants, our eggs are meticulously sanitized, inspected, and graded according to federally mandated quality standards. Our facilities also maintain an SQF Level 3 certification, reflecting the highest possible level of food safety and quality.

Comprehensive vaccine protocols

We believe that food safety begins on the farm, with the hens. MPS Egg Farms team members receive comprehensive training to ensure that our hens remain as healthy as possible. We also maintain a comprehensive Salmonella vaccine program that exceeds the standard FDA requirements.  

Rigorous biosecurity program

We utilize an extensive set of biosecurity procedures to ensure our hens are protected from disease. We go to great lengths to ensure that external contaminants cannot enter our facilities via outside vehicles, visitors, and team members.   


Our feed mills are operated and maintained under a certified Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. This means we’ve conducted a thorough analysis of potential hazards and critical control points, developing a comprehensive plan that monitors potential risks and allows us to make changes and adjustments as needed.  

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