The MPS Story


The history of MPS Egg Farms dates back to 1875, when Daniel Strauss built a water-powered grain mill along the Eel River in North Manchester, Indiana. Over the years, his business evolved to serve the changing needs of a small town, selling everything from coal and ice to animal feed and even a little moonshine. Daniel’s great grandson, Donald (Don) Strauss, joined the family business in 1950, helping it move forward for the next decade.

In 1960, Don purchased a Purina feed franchise, which served many local egg farmers. After noticing that the egg industry was becoming more consolidated, Don made the decision to start producing feed in house, without the third-party markup. Eight years later, the Strauss family decided to bring egg production in house as well, partnering with the Manwaring family to establish Midwest Poultry Services (MPS).


Over the next few years, MPS began raising its own hens, and built one of the first automated egg farms in the world—a radical idea for the time—that housed 300,000 birds on one farm.

In 1983, Bob Krouse married into the family and began his role in expanding operations at MPS. A decade later, Midwest Poultry Services was consolidated into one entity under the Strauss family’s sole ownership. Moving into the new millennium, MPS began transitioning into the next generation of egg farming and production with stacked deck housing, a new and more efficient type of housing system with significant animal welfare benefits.


Beginning in 2005, MPS started building cage-free housing systems in order to meet customer demand for a growing specialty segment. As demand increased, MPS committed to converting our original farm, Sunnyside Farms, to a 100 percent cage-free operation.

Between 2013 and 2015, Dan and Sam Krouse began working for the family business, making them the sixth generation of the family to lead operations.

In 2019, Midwest Poultry Services officially became MPS Egg Farms, a change that represents the expanding geographic reach of our farms. As we move forward, MPS Egg Farms will continue to invest in the people, processes, and technology that have led to our success, while maintaining our commitment to food safety, animal welfare, and exceptional customer service.

Daniel Strauss builds a water-powered grain mill on Eel River in North Manchester, Indiana, marking the beginning of the family’s involvement in the milling business.

Daniel Strauss moves the business into the town of North Manchester, where he maintains it through the Great Depression and World War II.

Don Strauss joins the business and helps move it forward for the next decade.

Don Strauss purchases a Purina feed franchise, where many of his customers are local egg farmers.

The egg industry becomes more vertically integrated, and the family makes the cost-effective decision to start producing their own feed.

The Strauss family partners with the Manwaring Farms to establish Midwest Poultry Services (MPS).

MPS invests in a small pullet farm, allowing the business to raise its own hens.

MPS builds one of the very first automated egg farms, housing 300,000 birds.

MPS builds two new farms: Sunnyside Farms and Hi-Grade Farm.

Bob Krouse marries into the Strauss family and begins working for MPS.

Midwest Poultry Services is consolidated into one entity, and the Strauss family purchases the remaining shares of the business.

MPS transitions into the next generation of egg farming and production with stacked deck housing, a new and more efficient type of housing system with animal welfare benefits.

Dan and Sam Krouse begin working for MPS, marking the sixth generation to lead operations.

Sunnyside Farms is upgraded to a modern, 100 percent cage-free facility.

MPS continues to grow steadily, reaching 550 employees and 10 million birds.

Midwest Poultry Services rebrands to become MPS Egg Farms to better clarify its market and represent its growing geographic reach.


MPS Egg Farms has four locations throughout northern Indiana and Illinois, allowing us to maintain an expansive delivery radius across the United States.

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We’re proud to be a sixth-generation family-owned business since 1875. As we continue to grow, we’re always ensuring that our customers are prepared for the future of their evolving egg programs.

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